OWNER: Jarrod & Ella Loveman
EMAIL: [email protected]
PHONE: 905.442.9720 & 289.423.1433

BOOTH: 101
: A

Jarrod and Ella are originally from Leading Tickles, Newfoundland. We took on a new adventure in 2019 to provide the availability for Newfoundlanders away from home to have the products they like in their homes.

Jarrod and Ella Left Newfoundland in 1986 to start a new adventure in Ontario, however did not take on this adventure until 2019 when we visited the store to purchase a box of Turkey Necks, next thing we know we were the new owners of the Newfoundland booth at the Pickering Markets and Now the Oshawa Markets.

Its been a great ride so far and we have enjoyed meeting so many Newfoundlander’s and making our customers our friends..
We try to please our customers as much as possible and provide the products they enjoy.

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